How can I do that?

X-Wing flying over a lake

Trailer of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens“

So keeping up with the goodies, one of the shots that I loved the most of “star wars: the force awakens” shot done by ilm, now I’m doing my take on this one, will keep on doing iterations until I’m happy with it, taking ADVISES from other people to make the best shot possible.

Vellum Bag

Breakdown done by Goodbye Kansas Studios

Render done with Redshift, textures done with COPS.

So everything started with this breakdown done by goodbye kansas studio, after saw it I though “can i do that? how?” and the thinking process began and a few hours later I had something that I liked, twicked a little bit more and then I went straight to render it (well i forgot about it for some days), but this is the start of “how can i do that?“.

I will spend my free time working on some cool stuff done in movies, series and/or tv ads pushing my learning process farter.