i'm starting to work a little bit on some things, hopefully i'll update this wip page FREQUENTLY with lots of new and cool things to show.

Vellum Bag

Vellum test inspired on a Goodbye Kansas Breakdown.


H17 Waterfall

So Houdini 17 cam out a few months ago, but I haven’t had the time to play with it, so lets start with something simple, a simple terrain, Flips and the new whitewater solver.

Will be adding vegetation and some other environment stuff in the next few days, also will be rendering this with redshift.

Head Motion Tracking

A couple of years I created this motion tracking with a SUPER LOW BUDGET but as you can see here, fully working. Truthfully I don't know why I didn't share this, but it was lots of fun and learning working on this on my own with really low knowledge of how to achieve this.

Bending control


I have been watching "Avatar the Last Airbender" again and my inner child asked me for create some bending control.

Im gonna create the 4 elements!


Keeping up with the nice stuff, here's a small render of the previews water ball, rendered with Mantra, will switch to RS in a few.
Render took 3min aprox


Water Fall

Currently I'm working in a simple water fall setup, I'll be adding more waterfall FLIP SIMs in the next few days,

before the final render comes out I need to be happy with what I'm aiming for.

All Houdini.

First WIP preview.

Render WIP

Smoke in Glass

fun little personal project, is a smoke inside a crystal infinite shape.

Houdini + Redshift



Ice Spikes

This is a growing system that I'm working on. Soon or someday will be rendered and uploaded.

This is my current SetUp for the IceSpikes

This is my current SetUp for the IceSpikes

Cloud FX

My goal for this project is to create a custom cloud set up, so i can add any kind of source geometry

as input and create a nice looking cloud.

Still work in progress, this is just the footage that I took a few years ago.



this were my First steps in houdini.
I did this Galaxy in Houdini when I start learning it.


This past wednesday when i was getting back from the beach, i saw this beauty full sky, so i'm going to add different 3d assets to this video, am looking for the most realistic results i can get.



Second work I did with Houdini.

Old Stuff

This was done in RealFlow for a TV add in 2014.